Oh Kevin….

[14:18:29] Kevin: Hi

[14:18:42] Kevin: How are you ?

[14:22:51] Greta: fine and you?

[14:22:56] Greta: you know me?

[14:23:05] Kevin: am fine too

[14:23:15] Greta: 🙂

[14:23:23] Kevin: What is your name and which country are you from,,,?

[14:23:57] Greta: my name is Greta

[14:24:01] Greta: I´m from Argentina

[14:24:18] Kevin: Ok

[14:24:35] Kevin: I’am Kevin from United State American

[14:24:46] Kevin: My pleasure to meet you

[14:25:07] Greta: the same

[14:25:07] Kevin: How old are you ?

[14:25:13] Greta: 34

[14:25:25] Kevin: Okay

[14:25:30] Kevin: am 51 years old

[14:25:30] Greta: that´s not a question for a lady…

[14:25:32] Greta: haha

[14:25:54] Kevin: I would be happy if you honest and serious with me as good friend from now on

[14:26:07] Kevin: Are you married with kids ?

[14:26:19] Greta: no

[14:26:24] Greta: no even close

[14:26:29] Greta: I´m single

[14:26:35] Kevin: Okay

[14:26:55] Kevin: I’am single  sand i have kid 13 years old

[14:27:26] Kevin: am looking honest and God fearing women to spend the rest my life with

[14:27:49] Kevin: I know bout meet each other fore purpose and reason

[14:29:06] Greta: oh ok

[14:29:23] Greta: but it´s a little rescue

[14:29:39] Greta: sorry my english I don´t speak very often

[14:29:45] Kevin: How long have you being chat online,have you meet with any USA man or soldier once online ?

[14:29:57] Kevin: oh,never mind

[14:30:09] Greta: no

[14:30:14] Greta: I never meet people online

[14:30:24] Kevin: Okay

[14:30:24] Greta: just face to face

[14:30:30] Kevin: Okay

[14:30:49] Kevin: if you open your heart with me, I will visit you as soon am holiday

[14:30:54] Kevin: so we see in person

[14:31:27] Kevin: did you stay alone or with your family ?

[14:32:28] Greta: alone

[14:32:35] Greta: i´m a big girl

[14:32:39] Kevin: Ok

[14:32:53] Kevin: Really,What are you doing for living if may ask,,,,?

[14:33:55] Greta: I work in a little company

[14:34:08] Kevin: Okay

[14:34:13] Kevin: That is good

[14:34:20] Kevin: Really

[[14:35:24] Greta: so, that´s my simple life

[14:35:34] Kevin: Are you christian or musliam if may ask about your relagious ?

[14:36:11] Greta: I went to a christian school


[14:36:32] Greta: but know i´m not

[14:36:40] Kevin: Okay

[14:37:12] Kevin: I hope you open your heart with me as good friend from now on

[14:37:26] Greta: we can be friends

[14:37:30] Greta: no problem

[14:37:37] Greta: and what do you do?

[14:38:13] Kevin: There is a saying that it is difficult to find a prominent personnel of high principles which are responsible online regards to good friendship  honest person,till me your opinon over this ?

[14:38:24] Kevin: I’am soldier here in Syra

[14:39:13] Greta: oh ok

[14:39:26] Greta: yes is very difficult

[14:39:45] Greta: and how do you find me?

[14:39:47] Kevin: That is why i ask you ,if you communicate with any soldier once online ?

[14:39:59] Greta: is my first time

[14:40:12] Greta: I never say yes to this invitations

[14:40:24] Greta: if I didn´t know the contact

[14:40:34] Kevin: I promise keep touch honest and pure heart with you from now on

[14:40:44] Greta: great

[14:40:58] Kevin: thanks

[14:41:05] Greta: you welcome

[14:41:16] Greta: and how long do you stay there?

[14:41:21] Greta: or you live there?

[14:41:43] Kevin: I have my holiday every 3 month and fly to USA

[14:42:13] Kevin: If you open your heart with me,I will fly then to meet you in person soon am holiday

[14:42:59] Greta: ok, will see

[14:43:28] Kevin: Well I will appreciate us being good friends in sincerity, honesty and trust, although we just  knew each other,,, we can share ideas and discuss about  more issues as we talk more about ourselves, and as time goes on there may  be something great for us in the future .What do you say?

[14:43:53] Greta: that´s fine

[14:43:59] Greta: we can talk

[14:44:08] Greta: and share the chat

[14:44:13] Kevin: Okay

[14:44:19] Kevin: can have your email ?

[14:44:40] Kevin: cant you please send some nice photo my email ?





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